Our Work

Hybrid Vision Creative Enterprises believes the work of creators deserves to be respected, supported, promoted and protected equally as other industries. Our business model was birthed out a genuine desire to see the arts and entertainment related fields position itself as a key player in helping support the needs of communities.

Hybrid Vision Creative Enterprises brings over two decades of experience managing marketing and digital marketing workflows in media, higher education, and hospitality industries coupled with managing music marketing and music production workflows. With a proven track record of moving projects from concept to fruition, Hybrid Vision Creative Enterprises provides comprehensive project management services to the arts and entertainment related industries. Simply stated “Hybrid Vision Creative Enterprises helps companies and individuals bring products and services to the marketplace by managing project workflows.” We exist for the benefit of the arts and entertainment community.

What’s Behind The Name?

Hybrid: a person whose background is a blend of two diverse cultures or traditions.

Vision: an experience of seeing something in a dream; the appearance of something remarkable and unexpected.

Creative: relating to or involving original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Enterprises: a project or undertaking, typically one that is difficult or requires effort.



"Creativity is compelling. Those that create and those who support creators are “called” to impact culture with an urgent mission - think differently and depart from ordinary.”

— Anonymous

Hybrid Vision Creative Enterprises is the product of merging two cultures. At Hybrid Vision Creative Enterprises, our work in its many facets, is uniquely shaped for use in the arts and entertainment space, and is dedicated to the mission of bringing about the knowledge and actualization of God’s kingdom on earth.

Corporate Experience

Hybrid Vision Creative Enterprises specializes in arts, entertainment, and culture project management. However, this ability is derived from over 20 years experience as a consultant managing work flow processes, start-up operations, and business organization projects for small to large companies and projects. We excel at moving projects forward by organizing and creating structure for projects thereby allowing teams to bring products or services to the marketplace.

Core Competences:

  • Project Management and Coordination

  • Digital Marketing and Online Content Management

  • Customer Engagement & Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Operations/Organization: Systems, Data and Process Analysis

Sample projects include:

Amtrak Wi-Fi Acela Campaign, College Board You Can Go and NetPrice Calculator Campaign, Discovery Communications HRIS Data Migration, Wayport Sony Playstation Tournament, Marriott SEO Program, and Radio One WPRS Interactive Marketing

Arts & Entertainment Experience

Core Competences:

  • Live event project management and promotion processes

  • Community engagement, events and partnerships

  • Performing rights organization catalog registration

  • Licensing, publishing and royalty administration processes

  • Radio advertising/promotion campaigns and ISRC/digital encoding registrations

  • Music production processes

  • Project release, merchandising and regional tour management processes

  • Community engagement, events and partnerships

  • Fundraising

  • Financial analysis, management processes and record keeping

Highlights include working with:

The Recording Academy, Will Downing, Roy Ayers, Marcus Johnson, Stanley Turrentine, Eric Benét, Chante Moore, Bilal, Kindred the Family Soul, KEM, Dwele, Sylena Johnson, Cassandra Wilson, Najee, Pieces of a Dream, Jean Carne, Jeff Majors, Dorothy Norwood, Deon Kipping, Fox 5, Philadelphia ABC/MasterCard Thanksgiving Day Parades, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Philly Pops Orchestra, Centric TV (Now BETher), Aspire Network, Music Choice Network, Bounce TV, SiriusXM Radio, and Supercuts Rock The Cut Ambassador.