Exodus blue: where creatives discover and do

Exodus Blue is a workshop series for creative entrepreneurs from various disciplines to meet and network with other creative entrepreneurs. The series is designed to provide resources for creatives from business operations to financial management to information on how to create better products for the market place. It is a place where creatives learn how to think differently, and make their creative enterprise run more efficiently and effectively while discovering new ways to pursue their art in a casual atmosphere. Visit our events page for details on upcoming events.

What’s behind the name exodus blue?

In the Biblical story of Exodus, ten plagues were heaped upon the Egyptian people in an effort to expedite the release of the Israelite people from four hundred years of captivity under the Egyptian Pharaoh. In a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy, the Most High divinely orchestrated events to capture the attention of the Egyptian Pharaoh so that he would have no other option but to release the Israelite captives from bondage. The Most High delivered the captives from bondage and sent them into the wilderness to be deprogrammed, corrected, and trained in the ways of freedom. Most importantly, the Most High God sent the Israelite’s into the wilderness to get to know Him – The First Creator. In the midst of the Israelite’s wilderness experience, the Most High God promised the Israelite’s that he would lead them to a secure promised land; a space that he set aside for them (Deuteronomy 31:23). After the Israelite’s rather protracted experience in the wilderness learning new ways of living and doing, He solidified his promises to the Israelite people with the assurance that He would “rebuild them with precious jewels and make their foundations from Lapis Lazuli” – a beautiful blue stone (Isaiah 54:11).

This wonderful revelation provided the vision for Exodus Blue: Where Creatives Discover And Do.  Exodus Blue is a monthly workshop series for creatives who have been called to influence the arts and entertainment space in its many forms with a unique gifting. Exodus Blue is a space that provides a toolbox and resource for a unique set of creatives who have been “called out” of the status quo. Thus, the name: Exodus Blue. If you are one of these creatives, join us at our next Exodus Blue event - where creatives discover more of what the original Creator calls us to be and do as influencers in the arts and entertainment space.

Our series Exodus Blue: Where Creatives Discover And Do is hosted at rotating locations in Bowie, Maryland. Follow us on social media for updates. If you are interested in being a speaker, presenter or artist at our next event, please contact us via email. Visit our events page for details on upcoming events.